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EuroPruning Sister projects

EuroPruning, INFRES and LogistEC are three projects related to logistics but focusing on three different biomass resources: agricultural residues, forestry biomass and energy crops. The three projects are funded under the FP7-KBBE2012 call on “Development of new or improved logistics for lignocellulosic biomass harvest, storage and transport”.

The three sister projects are in touch to produce comparable results among their respective biomass feedstock supply chains and to organise common activities.


Innovative and effective technology and logistics for forest residual biomass supply in the EU
INFRES aims to accelerate the technological development and to open paths to EU´s renewable targets by producing research based knowledge, technological solutions and service innovations for forest residue feedstock supply. Research projects alone are not sufficient to support the development to reach the objectives of 2020. As a result, the European Union’s research funding has been recently targeted to innovation and demonstration projects

More information
Finnish Forest Research Institute - METLA
Antti Asikainen – Coordination
Email: antti.asikainen@metla.fi
Web: www.infres.eu


Logistics for Energy Crops' Biomass
The LogistEC project aims to develop new or improved technologies of the biomass logistics chains. Cost-efficient, environmental-friendly and socially sustainable biomass supply chains are needed to achieve the 2020 EU RES targets that might be impeded by the potential scarcity of lignocellulosic biomass from agriculture. The project covers all types of lignocellulosic crops: annual and multi-annual crops, perennial grasses, and short-rotation coppice. Innovative techniques for crop management, biomass harvesting, storage and transport provide a possibility to increase biomass supply whilst keeping costs down and minimizing adverse environmental impacts.

More information
The French National Institute for Agricultural Research - INRA
Benoit GABRIELLE – Coordinator (AgroParisTech)
Email: Benoit.Gabrielle@agroparistech.fr

Vincent Troillard– Project Manager (INRA Transfert)
Email: vincent.troillard@paris.inra.fr

Web: www.logistecproject.eu

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 312078
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