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Legal disclaimers

EuroPruning owns the intellectual property rights of the "www.EuroPruning.eu" web site and the various elements contained therein.

EuroPruning reserves the power, at any time and without any need to provide prior warning, to carry out changes and updates on the information contained on its web page or on its configuration or presentation.

EuroPruning cannot guarantee that there are no errors in the access to its web page, in its contents, or that this is properly updated, although it will take every possible effort to avoid errors and, when appropriate, correct or update them as soon as possible.

Both access to the website and any use that the information contained on it may be put to are the exclusive responsibility of whoever may visit the web page.EuroPruning shall not be held responsible for any effect, harm or damage that may result from this access or use of information, except for all those activities that may result from the application of the legal regulations that it must comply with when strictly exercising its powers.

EuroPruning refuses to accept any responsibility whatsoever resulting from connecting up to the contents of links to third parties that are referred to on the web page.

Any unauthorised use of the information contained on this web page, and any harm and damage caused to the intellectual property rights and patent rights of EuroPruning will give rise to the carrying out of the measures that legally correspond and when appropriate, to the responsibilities that may result from carrying out these measures.

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 312078
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