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The demonstrations will take place in three regions (areas of demonstration) corresponding to three prevailing Bio-Geographic Regions in Europe (European Environment Agency classification): Aragón (Spain) representing dry Mediterranean climate, Aquitaine (France) which climate is humid oceanic, and Brandenburg (Germany) having continental climate.

Germany France Spain
Zaragoza-Aragón Region
Mediterranean zone
1100 ha – 1600 t expected
Satzkorn - Brandenburg Region
Continental zone
400 ha – 800 t expected
Medoc - Aquitaine Region
Oceanic zone
300 ha – 400 t expected

Demo concept

The implementation of three demonstrations in different climate zones is fundamental for the success of EuroPruning and responds to the next arguments:

  • Cover a European dimension: demonstrate the logistic chain in climatic regions where permanent crops are being grown. It aims to show that the implementation of this supply chain is feasible in different contexts in terms of agronomy (lay-outs, cycles and species), socio-economics and management of pruning residues.
  • Test different supply schemes and scales: from the Spanish case where prunings are collected from large distances (100 km) and storage is centralised, to the neighbourhood concept (“zero km”) in Germany, where the biomass is consumed locally. The main actors of the logistic chains play different roles in each of the demos, and so different approaches are implemented.
  • Climate and wood quality evolution: they directly affect moisture and wood degradation along the supply chain, and so, follow-up and research of biomass properties evolution in the three zones aim to bring representative results for Europe.
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 312078
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