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French Demo

Technical sheet
  • 300 ha – 400 t expected
  • Demo-site coordinator: UNIMEDOC
  • Timing: December 2014 - January 2015
  • Machinery prototype:
    • Windrower + pick-up + chipper
  • Average transport distance: 10 km
  • Storage plan: piles of chipped material
Aquitaine Region

Selected site is the area of Médoc, near Bordeaux, in South-West France (46 N, 2 E). Its climate is Oceanic, with an average rainfall of 851 mm and average year temperatures 12.7 ºC. The zone is near the Atlantic coast, and vineyard is one of the important agricultural activities.

Demo scope

Vineyard is one of the prevailing permanent crops in the oceanic area. Ownership of vineyards are in general of small size (usually around 20 ha). In the same line, wineries (château) usually group smaller areas of land in contrast to Mediterranean areas. Even though the small ownership vineyards are found forming continuous landscapes in oceanic areas. Vineyards in oceanic and continental areas usually are configured also in narrower layouts, and so the more difficulty for the pruning collection and logistics. There final consumers can be in a close distance (like domestic heating in rural areas) or in a medium distance (for district heating or industrial heat).

Among the different possible logistic configurations, the French demo activities will be performed by the following actors:

Pruning Harvesting Chipping Baling Load and transport to storage Open air storage Load and transport to delivery Verification of delivered biomass
Cooperatives Transport company Farmer Logistic operator Community heating plant
Cement kiln
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 312078
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