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EuroPruning_D1.1_Governance structure

EuroPruning_D1.2_Quality and Risk management plan

EuroPruning_D2.1_Description of the biomass specifications for the value chain

EuroPruning_D3.1_Mapping and analysis Pruning biomass potential EU

EuroPruning_D9.1_Communication and Dissemination Plan

EuroPruning_D2.3_Characterisation results of biomass after demostration

EuroPruning_D2.4_Final Report for Optimization

EuroPruning_D3.4_Analysis of current methods and BAT applied to harvesting of the pruning of permanent crops

EuroPruning_D4.2_recommendations on the management of large storages of piled biomass

EuroPruning_D5.1_Report on logistics chain and knowledge gaps of biomass

EuroPruning_D6.2_Conclusions of each demonstration

EuroPruning_D6.3_Roadmap for Improvements_FV

EuroPruning_D7.3_Recommendations for wood prunings utilisation for sustainable soil management

EuroPruning_D8.1_Environmental Evaluation of supply chain

EuroPruning_D8.2_Economic Evaluation of supply chain

EuroPruning_D8.3_Determination of social impact including outputs, impacts and SROI analysis

EuroPruning_D8.4_Best practice brochure for a sustainable and sounds utilisation of wood prunings as biomass feedstock

EuroPruning_D9.2_Communication Material

EuroPruning_D9.3_Report on Dissemination Activities
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 312078
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