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Final Project Results
Brussels 14/09/2016
At the end of the project, the consortium publishes a summary of EuroPruning main results and their potential impact and use. See below the contents of this report and download the PDF to learn about...

Major Results on Optimized machinery
Italy 14/09/2016
One of the main goals of the Europruning project was to develop specific equipment able to chip or bale pruning residues filling a technology gap, achieving the fulfillment of the quality requirement...

Major Results on Smart Logistics
Sweden 14/09/2016
Another EuroPruning’s main goal was the development and implementation of an innovative logistics tool in order to optimize the handling of agricultural residues along the whole supply chain, f...

Major Results on Quality of solid biofuels
Sweden, Spain 14/09/2016
The demonstration activities showed that each stage of the logistics chain has an effect on the biomass from prunings properties which in turn affect the subsequent processes. The results showed that...

Major Results on Environmental and socioeconomic impacts
Poland 14/09/2016
Assessment of local impacts derived from each operation Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) is a procedure required under the terms of European Union Directives 85/337/EEC and 97/11/EC on assessm...

Major Results on Sustainable Soil Management
Nürtingen and Potsdam (Germany) 13/06/2016
Athors: Wolf-Anno Bischoff (1), Sonja Germer (2), Sarah Schleicher (1) and Jürgen Kern (2) (1) - TerrAquat Consultants, Nürtingen, Germany (2) - ATB Bornim, Potsdam, Germany General Const...

On-going works on environmental and socioeconomic impacts
Poland 04/10/2015
The EuroPruning project is calculating the best logistics chains in terms of environmental and economic impacts. This involves assessing the environmental economic and social impacts of using agricul...

Results of the study of demo site soils
Spain, France, Germany. 03/10/2015
Sustainable soil management A two year monitoring of pruning impacts on soil chemical characteristics is being carried out in 3 demo sites including 6 different orchards. The results will allow fa...

Analysis of the first biomass samples
Spain, France, Germany. 02/10/2015
Throughout the supply chain, and especially during storage, biomass properties can deteriorate due to biochemical processes. Therefore, optimisation of the logistic chain in terms of biofuel quality ...

Optimization of the new machinery after the first demonstrations
Spain, France, Germany. 01/10/2015
The project is developing new machinery for harvesting and on-site pre-treatment of the prunings which will fill a technology gap: a modular prototype (mounted on regular agricultural tractors), whic...
This project has received funding from the European Union’s Seventh Programme for research, technological development and demonstration under grant agreement No 312078
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